eAssist Spotlight- Courtney Shelby

Who is Courtney Shelby? Courtney is a full time eAssister, spending most of her time as a Client Information Specialist. She works each day to help offices figure out where they need the most help within their office, and where eAssist can assist them! She listens to their concerns and helps them come up with a game plan, while putting eAssist on their team. In addition, she also works as a Success Consultant, focusing on insurance and patient collections. She posts insurance claims and patient balances, doing everything in her power to ensure her clients get 100% of what they deserve in revenue for all of their hard work.

Courtney has taken a special interest in assisting dentists from around the country (client and non-client alike) to help them figure out a game plan during the COVID-19 pandemic. She selflessly dedicates hours of her own time, in the hope to make their burden just a little bit lighter. When asked why this is important to her, Courtney shared this. “Napoleon Hill said, ‘If you can not do great things, do small things in a great way’. It is so very important we keep, not just our offices, but ALL dental offices in areas where, when the crisis is over, we can all overcome it, together. One thing I do know, none of us have ever been through this. To have someone by your side helping out during these times, is so crucial to all of us. This is a time to let love grow, come together, and fight this together!”

Courtney joined the eAssist team about a year ago. Prior to eAssist, she has worked in the dental field for 12 years and gained an extensive knowledge of the industry. She originally worked as a dental account specialist for an insurance company, processing the claims. She moved onto becoming an office manager, practice manager and even a regional manager. Soon she discovered eAssist and joined the team part time, but soon shortly after realized that this was “her place”. It felt like it was going to be her home, surrounded by people who love watching the success of their clients as much as she did. “We are a team… we work together.. And we work hard to get you what is rightfully yours!”

When we asked Courtney what interests her most about the dental billing field, she replied, “I know it is hard to manage internally, the entire dental billing process. From insurance verifications, patient portion, to insurance collections, it is so easy to be distracted when working in an office. My passion has been in the dental office billing since I was 23 years old, from marketing, to treatment planning, and just being a relationship coordinator for the offices.”

Not only do her clients love and appreciate her hard work, but her leaders have taken notice as well. Marie, her Team Leader, sings her praises. “Courtney Shelby is fantastic to work with. She is truly a team player, and jumps in whenever and wherever needed. Her communication style is welcoming and positive. Her work ethic speaks for itself, I am fortunate to have her on my team.”

Courtney’s favorite aspect of being on the eAssist team is watching the dental offices grow. She loves watching things work out in their favor and the success they have. She also loves the community that eAssist has, that you get the entire company, not just your own individual teams. Each eAssister is there for their client, to work hard, and provide an extensive and vast knowledge of the field.

We asked Courtney to share an interesting fact about herself, she said, “I LOVE to travel, I love to take random weekend getaways, and I love to explore the United States. I love to look at the great works that have been created. It amazes me to see! I have recently found out, staying home isn’t that bad. So much love is being grown inside these walls of our home, and it has made me realize, the simple things in life are what truly matter. I once heard this: Simplicity reveals the true beauty in life! This has definitely happened.”


Dental Billing Tips and News for Pros; Edition #146


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