eAssist Spotlight- Dawn Garlock

Dawn Garlock started with eAssist in December of 2015. She finds that the most interesting thing about dental billing is finding out what is holding up claim payment. Dawn enjoys doing the research and feels that there is a sense of accomplishment when she can get a claim paid. Working from home was one of the reasons Dawn wanted to become an eAssister. Working in the office trying to call on insurance AR’s was usually a day full of interruption. She has worked all aspects of the dental office and was always being pulled away from her duties. She felt like she couldn’t finish her tasks and was stressed. Dawn also loves that she can make her own schedule. She missed out on a lot of activities with her daughter, but working with eAssist gives her more time with her. She says “Time has gone by so fast and my daughter is a junior in high school.  Now I get to be here for her every day until the day comes when she will leave for college and I get separation anxiety!

Dawn says that the best thing about being an eAssister is that she gets to help more than one office.  “Insurance is not a strong point for some office managers. So I am able to do what they cannot. Getting claims paid helps the practice and the patient. I also get to work with many great eAssisters that are a lot like me.” An interesting fact about Dawn is that she loves to do yoga! Recently life had been so hectic that she stopped, but this year she will be doing yoga more often and getting back to being her limber/relaxed self. Namaste!

Regina, a Relationship Manager, says this about Dawn. “This quiet and hard working woman deserves huge applause for her patience, discipline, and her work ethics. Dawn is confident, decisive, and a team player. Dawn never gives up. She trained the client’s front desk office team and patiently continues to resolve any issues that come her way. Dawn persists when others would give up. She is an example to many, and I am proud to know and work with this wonderful and inspiring lady.”  

eAssist Helpful News and Billing Tips; Edition #125


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