eAssist Spotlight – Jesse Worden

Jesse Worden has been with eAssist for 3.5 years. Before his journey with eAssist began, he was working in upper management at a financial institution but was not happy with their inability to provide flexibility or fair wages for his position. Then fate stepped in and his best friend married Rebecca Avey, who introduced him to eAssist. Jesse grew up in a dental family and had dentistry in his blood; he loves contributing to the success and taking the insurance “nightmare” from the offices daily responsibilities. Being a part of the eAssist team has allowed him the chance to reduce the stress of a dental practices team. He appreciated the flexibility of eAssist and that it has allowed him to develop relationships and become a part of the office. Jesse says an interesting fact about himself is that he is a language nut. “I majored in Japanese language with linguistics option (scientific path instead of arts) with a minor in Technical Japanese (business/professional application of the language) at University of Washington, and have dabbled in several languages: Korean, Russian, Modern Greek, Ancient Greek, Latin, German, Arabic, Spanish, Hindi, Italian, Swedish, Thai, Mandarin Chinese and Tagalog. I currently have a textbook that I am itching to delve into for Okanogan Salish, the Native American language of the area I grew up in in rural Eastern Washington State.” Rebecca Avey says this about Jesse, “Jesse Worden is not only a great friend and colleague but he is one of the best humans I know. He is kind and generous with his  time and resources. He is also brilliant, and has a deep interest in learning languages and even recently took up learning to play the violin- just for fun. He keeps himself busy with work and Apple products and loves hanging out with his adorable puppies- Lulu (a bassist hound) and Waldo ( a miniature dachshund). When Jesse’s around – you will laugh.  His wit and humor along with all his other qualities just make him a joy to have in your circle. I’ve only known Jesse for 7 years, but he is a lifelong friend of my husband and is such a great person that we named our last child after him. He is lovingly referred to by all my children as uncle Jesse and I couldn’t be prouder to have a friend and colleague such as Jesse. He lives his life with integrity, compassion and humor. He is a joy to work with and is one of the most loyal and dedicated people I know. He truly is a blessing not only my eAssist family, but my actual family. I am better for knowing him.”

eAssist Helpful News and Billing Tips; Edition #110


  • We here at Hawaiian Island Dental and Kuhio Pediatric Dental are delighted to say how much we enjoy working with Jesse!
    His technical knowledge of insurances, dentistry, and Dentrix has made our lives at both busy practices so much easier. We congratulate Jesse on this eAssist Spotlight. p.s. Jesse has dabbled in, “Olelo Hawai’i” (Hawaiian language), too!

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