eAssist Spotlight – Kelly Lennier

Kelly Lennier has been with eAssist for about a year and a half. She used to work in a dental practice, but unfortunately was needing to work more but also needed to be at home with her teenage daughter. She came across eAssist and decided to apply. She loves the business of dentistry and helping practices concentrate on patient care, not insurance processing. An interesting fact about Kelly is that she loves to travel and eAssist allows her to pursue this passion much easier than she thought possible. Cynthia, Kelly’s Regional Manager says this, “Kelly has so much to offer her offices, and goes above and beyond to help them through whatever challenges they have, whether it be advice on credentialing, making the most of their software, setting up fee schedules, etc.  She handles all eAssist positions well.  As AE, she actively leads her teams.  As AM, she is the ultimate team player, offering support to her AE.  As a Patient Portion AM, she is organized and thorough.  Each time I have asked her to take on more responsibility, she has been willing to do so.  She cares about her offices and tackles difficult ones knowing she can make a difference.  Never has she ever asked how much compensation is expected as a deciding factor in accepting or declining an assignment.  She is a great communicator with her offices and quickly wins their confidence.  I foresee her moving up with eAssist, and am very glad to have her in my region.”

eAssist Helpful News and Billing Tips; Edition #109


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