eAssist Spotlight- Lindsy Breeden

Lindsy Breeden received her first office in January of 2018. She started in the dental field as a chair-side assistant “many moons ago” and eventually made the switch to Business Office Administrator. Lindsy had the opportunity to understand how all aspects of the dental office work, and how they work together. She’s done everything from sweeping the parking lot and taking out the trash to interviewing her replacement. Lindsy believes she’s found her niche in dental billing because she doesn’t mind a challenge. She finds it very rewarding to overcome the obstacles and get all the pieces together to get that messages to Garcia!

Lindsy had a great job in a wonderful office prior to becoming an eAssister. She is a wife, mother of three, and active in her church. All of these things were deserving of more of her time than that position was allowing. She could see that working with eAssist would provide a way for her to continue serving in the dental field with the skills and abilities she had acquired, while being able to be more present in the things that matter most.

What is her favorite aspect of being an eAssister? Obviously, she loves the freedom and flexibility that this position has opened up for her. And just as much, she really appreciates the endless opportunities for growth in her career and knowledge! Lindsy says, “What a truly incredible network we have access to. The knowledge and support within eAssist is second to none. I, like many of you, started out fairly timid and somewhat anxious, but I have had the most amazing support from day one! My first AE (Amanda Thompson) put me at ease right away. Everyone genuinely wants everyone else to succeed. I have never felt more encouraged than I do with eAssist, and hope that I am able to effectively pour out my overflow to others.”

Lindsy loves music, all music. When she’s posting you may catch her listening to worship music, gangster rap, classic country, or anything in between! She’s got to have THE most diverse Pandora stations! Lindsy’s KC Marcie, says this about her, “Lindsy has grown into an amazing leader and representative of the eAssist Way. She is a kind, gentle multiplier; a natural connector, an independent problem solver and critical thinker. She goes above and beyond to service her offices with professionalism, thoroughness, and an impressive attention to detail in all that she does. Her teams find her approachable, helpful, and supportive. Lindsy is a stellar example of an eAssister that gets the Message to Garcia.”

Dental Billing Tips and News for Pros; Edition #129


  • We are Lindsy fans! Thank you for all that you do for our office!
    Doctor Seth at Main Street Dental

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