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Jaycee Brown

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eAssist Spotlight- Natalie Rogers

Natalie Rogers has been with eAssist for 3 “fabulous” years now. She has loved dentistry since she was a kid, and loves to see how it can change someone’s life. One of the first things you can notice about someone is their smile. When a patient is going to a dental office it can be a very scary experience. When the office has eAssist, the dental office is able to fully focus on dentistry and the dental team is able to help build relationships and comfort their patients along the way. Natalie enjoys being able to help by doing the dental billing and working hard to get the insurance to pay. She says dentistry has stolen her heart and eAssist has made it possible for her to do what she loves.

Natalie first applied to be an eAssist contractor because she was leaving her office to be home with her kids. The amazing dentist she worked for had found eAssist and asked her to apply so she could still work for him. “Thanks Dr. Elmer!” Natalie’s favorite aspect of being part of the eAssist team is helping her offices achieve their goals. She loves becoming a part of their team and working together. She also loves how eAssist has given her this fabulous community of other dental billing guru’s. No more working on her own island, she now has a family of eAssister’s willing to share their tips and tricks anytime. It has left her with amazing friends throughout the world.

An interesting fact about Natalie is that she was hit in the eye with a firework and no longer has central vision in one eye. However, she is a master at putting mascara and eyeliner on in the dark. Natalie’s KC Katrina says this about her, “Natalie is a true leader, her desire to help her client and team members succeed is admirable. She sincerely cares and will do what it takes to succeed. I feel so lucky to have the opportunity to work with her!”

Dental Billing Tips and News for Pros; Edition #133


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