eAssist Spotlight- Rebecca Avey

Rebecca Avey has been with eAssist since before it was eAssist—March of 2011. She had been working in a dental office since she was 14, but never intended this to be her career. In fact she can recall as she was leaving for college, she told her dental team in a joking manner, that “she would never file another chart as long as she lived”. Two years later, she was working in an office and hasn’t left since. Never, say never! “Dental billing is not a glamorous job, but it’s providing a service, a much needed service to our clients, their staff and the patients we serve. Knowing that I can make a difference is really important to me. We aren’t saving lives, but we are making our community a little less stressed and in this high stress culture that’s meaningful and fulfilling. It’s doing a good thing, the right thing, even when no one is looking, to me that’s impact, it’s powerful and it continues to motivate me to always do better than I did the day before,” shares Rebecca when asked why she does what she does.

Rebecca is truly passionate and loves to express it in her work. She says, “A great aspect of eAssist is that we are constantly seeking to be better, do better and create more powerful tools that serve our clients and our eAssist community. I’ve been with eAssist a long time, but my most favorite thing about eAssist is that it changes lives. Not only are the clients we serve better for having contracted our services but the eAssist billing team members that work with us have been deeply impacted by the opportunity the company provides. eAssist gives hope and opportunity to men and women to completely change their circumstances. It’s not an uncommon story for an eAssister to know deep scarcity of one form or another, but given the right amount of drive and passion that scarcity becomes a story you can talk about once knowing, but no longer experience. That is part of my own story and I am forever grateful to eAssist for laying the foundation and providing a platform for so many to succeed and finally know security and freedom.” 

A little known fact about Rebecca, is that she is a Jane Austen fanatic. She named her only daughter after her two favorite characters, Emma Elizabeth. Her dream vacation is to go on the Jane Austen Tour in full Regency era dress. And if she could of found a man named Wickham, she would have married him on the spot- even though he’s a bad guy in Austen’s Pride and Prejudice, she just LOVES that name and she is a fanatic.

Katrina, Rebecca’s fellow RM, says this about her. “Rebecca has always been so supportive and helpful. She has a true passion for what she does. Her desire to provide phenomenal service and be the best of the best is so motivating, not to mention she can always make you laugh even when you feel like crying.”

eAssist Helpful News and Billing Tips; Edition #123


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