eAssist Spotlight- Regina Belot

regina1Regina Belot is an individual who tries to stay out of the spotlight, no matter how much she deserves it, it is now her turn. She originally applied 2 years ago for a contractor position with eAssist to have the freedom to work from home and to create more personal opportunities in what she is passionate about-volunteering and performing more charitable work. Regina has been in the dental industry for 15 years and thoroughly enjoys the challenges involved. She has grown within the company and now is working diligently with our Dental Accounting Service. Nominated by a fellow Regional Manager, Michele says this about Regina and her work with Dental Accounting. “Creator and Instigator of a highly successful service that is unparalleled in scope. Regina, a consummate professional, has overcome the challenges, ironed out the kinks, learning what she needs to know in order to confidently win doctors’ trust in allowing her access to their bank accounts! As this service grows, Regina is fluidly tweaking each part to make it more efficient, more valuable, just … more. The things she shared with us at Summit were exciting and the growth we have seen thus far is very encouraging. If you would like to offer your doctor’s something that no one else can – offer them Dental Accounting. We are the only ones who are reconciling their bank information with their dental practice management software. Mistakes, oversights, or embezzlement – caught immediately. My hat is off as I bow to Regina Belot!”

eAssist Helpful News and Billing Tips; Edition #104


  • Awesome motivation on my par as a new employee to strive for that plateau!!! You go girl!! Hats off!

  • You are great work.Keep it up.

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