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eAssist Spotlight- Sharon Warren

Sharon Warren has been a part of the eAssist team for the past 3 years. She loves the dental billing field because it is always evolving and she is constantly learning something new, which keeps her on her toes! Sharon applied to be an eAssist contractor because at the time, her husband was on active duty and she came across eAssist on DentalJobs.com. She thought it was a scam until she had a phone interview and had to take all the tests. She completed them all and was told that she would hear from someone in about a month, that was in 2012. Sharon never did hear from anyone and forgot all about eAssist.

In September of 2015, she had a mini stroke caused by a blood-clot in her brain, and a seizure. Her job at the time would not allow her to come back and work part time, so they let her go. She was so depressed because she had never been fired from a job before. Sharon was sitting at home just bored out of her mind, and was not allowed to drive for a year, so her husband got to be her chauffeur. She received a call from Melinda Wilhelm in January of 2016 asking if she was available for a full time position. Sharon was so surprised and happy. She says God had a plan and knew when she was going to need eAssist.

Sharon’s favorite aspect of eAssist is the relationships that she has built with her fellow eAssisters. Sharon’s KC, Alexis, says this about her: “Sharon has had some difficult offices and has kept with them and completely turned them around. She goes above and beyond for offices and she always has a smile on her face! She is absolutely a joy to talk with and always willing to help others. I love her!” One interesting fact about Sharon is that she loves Zumba! We are happy to have her as a part of our eAssist team. 

Dental Billing Tips and News for Pros; Edition #137


  • Sharon is awesome!!

  • Sharon is one of the best!!

  • Thank you Kim! I miss working with you!!!!!

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