eAssist Spotlight – Shaundra Bobo

Shaundra Bobo has been with eAssist for about 2 years now. Originally she was doing work similar to dental billing for a few offices in Texas, but there were issues that hadn’t been smoothed out and it was not exactly what she was looking for. She liked the idea of being her own boss, creating balance in her life and helping her families needs all while staying in the dental field. Her husband suggested researching dental jobs to see if there was anything that caught her attention. Like most eAssisters, she couldn’t believe she found something that fit what she was looking for and answered her prayers. Working in the dental field has many facets that she loves and ultimately eAssist allows her to work with all of them. She says it “makes her OCD brain smile” when she is able to get an office back on track. eAssist as a whole has several aspects that Shaundra enjoys. Professionally, being able to assist the dentists run the best practice they can; on a personal side, she can work from home and be there for her family in a way she couldn’t before. Her favorite aspect is never again missing the chance to make memories with the ones she loves. An interesting fact about Shaundra is that she was possibly born with flippers for feet, she lived in the pool till the age of 25 competitively swimming. eAssist has allowed her to begin swimming on a regular basis again. Jody, her Regional Manager, says this about Shaundra. “I would say Shaundra Bobo is amazing!  There is no one that I have met that can do the work that she can and make her offices smile as much as they do. I have never had an issue with her or one of her offices before.

eAssist Helpful News and Billing Tips; Edition #107


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