eAssist Spotlight – Sheena Brennan

I started with eAssist October of last year. I have been in the dental field since 2008 and have always worked in the office setting. I was in the medical field for 3 years before that. My best friend worked in a dental office and loved it. I was not satisfied with my job at the time and wanted to try something else, but stay in the realm of taking care of people. I applied as a receptionist and was very happy with my career change. I was not sure how I would like the transition, but I am so glad I made that change in careers because it’s the best thing that has happened to me. After two and a half years of working at Rancho Cordova Dental in CA, my husband got orders to Oahu, Hawaii.(He is active duty Air Force).  After 7 days on island I landed a job as a treatment planner at Ala Moana Dental Care. After 1 year as a treatment planner I was promoted to Office manager. This is where I started working closely with Rebecca Avey and was always so blessed to have her on our AMDC team. She was so knowledgeable and just amazing. I have never heard of eAssist, but with the volume AMDC brings in, I felt so lucky to have such an amazing person in the background helping us out. After 4 great years with AMDC my husband got orders again and we were off to Alamogordo NM. (In the middle of nowhere.) I was so afraid that my career was going to fall to the wayside because of where we were going. There is 1 dental clinic within a comfortable commute, that I would consider working at and I didn’t want to change career fields. Rebecca reached out to me and said: “You should apply for eAssist.” I thought about it for awhile and to be honest, I was intimidated because in the two dental offices I worked for, I never had to do the billing. Rebecca was so sharp I never thought I could do what she does. I was excited to apply and see what would come of it. I got hired on and started working the aging for one office in HI. After three weeks I started working my second office. Now that I am in New Mexico I can drive to Texas and see my daughter. I share time with her father. I sent Tonya and Rebecca a text and asked if it was okay for me to take a few days off to see my daughter. They said ” Of course. Family comes first!” I just loved that. I now have the flexibility to see my daughter more while she’s with her father and when she comes back to live with me, I am able to be there whenever she needs me. For years I had to wake her up at 5:00am and get her ready to drop her off at before school care to make it to work on time. Also, She would have to wait about an hour after school for me to pick her up. Now she can sleep in a little and I can be there to pick her up from school everyday on time and walk her to school in the morning. That in itself honestly, makes the world of difference. Knowing I can spend more time with my daughter just melts my heart. I have never had this type of flexibility before. Working for eAssist has challenged me and pushed me to learn more and and do more than I ever imagined I could do. I loved managing and I learned so much but my work life balance was off. Now it is balanced and my husband says he notices how happier I am without all of the other stress in my life. Rebecca believing in me in the first place is what gave me the confidence to apply. Now I work with a great team and even though I work at home alone, I never feel alone. Tonya is my AE and gives me so much support. I have all the support I need from states away.  I am so happy to be a part of the elite! I hope to grow with the company for years to come. In the Air Force we move every 3-5 years. I have always had to worry about what I was going to do next and apply for new jobs and interview a bunch of times to find the perfect fit for myself. I am hoping to never have to apply for another job again! When I move next time I’ll pack my computer up with me and I’ll be all set! This is weight lifted off of my shoulders and proves that you can be a military wife and still have a career. My last three dental careers I have been extremely lucky, even with my moves. I loved working at Rancho Cordova Dental and did not want to leave. Then I landed a job at Ala Moana Dental Care and they are just such a great office. Very pro-patient and pro-staff. I felt so blessed and lucky. I was heartbroken when I had to leave them. Now, I work for eAssist and I feel so grateful and blessed in so many ways. Words cannot describe how lucky I feel. I am very passionate about the dental field and helping people. Being able to stay in this career field and help patients maximize their dental benefits by being a part of such a great community of people is amazing. What eAssist does for doctors, dental staff, and their patients is just such a wonderful thing and I am very proud and honored to be a part of it all. When people I meet ask me what I do and I tell them, and they say: “I wish I could find something like that.” I just smile because I know I have a dream-job for most people.What some don’t realize is it takes a lot of self discipline to work from home. You have to be self motivated and driven. Luckily I had great mentors along the way, so the transition for me was easy. But now I get to wear leggings and slippers to work and don’t even have to do my hair if I don’t want too! haha. New Mexico has been a great change for my family and I. I never imaged I would live in such a small country town, but here I am. I love hiking up in the mountains of Riudoso and plan on learning to ski this year. A quote I live by: “Be kind, work hard, stay humble, smile often, keep honest, stay loyal, travel when possible, never stop learning, be thankful always, and love.” eAssist fits right in with everything that quote entails and I feel so lucky and blessed everyday for the life and career that I have been blessed with. Tonya Valencia, Sheena’s Regional Manager, says this,” How else can I put it…SHE REALLY IS AMAZING!  She’s only worked with eAssist for a couple months, but demonstrates all the qualities an RM or AE hopes and dreams for in a brand new AM!  She is driven, self motivated, hard working and sharp as a tack!  She takes pride in her work and truly cares about the quality of work she provides to our clients.  She’s a much needed breath of fresh air and I’m grateful for all her efforts and contributions every day!  Thank you Sheena for your relentless spirit and your unwavering drive for excellence!

eAssist Helpful News and Billing Tips; Edition #111


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