eAssist Spotlight – Summer Rewis

Summer Rewis has been with eAssist for a year and a half. She had been working at a dental office, but issues began to arise. Even when giving 110% to her employers, she didn’t feel like she was meeting her full potential. As the office decided to move in a corporate direction, it was time for her to move on. She came across eAssist in 2014 and was offered a position; at the same time, she had been offered a job with a well known Cosmetic Dentist in her area. Unsure if eAssist was too good to be true, she went with the local job. Jumping forward to 2015 and being 6 months pregnant, the doctor let her go with no specific reason given. Heartbroken, she looked back into eAssist and took her leap of faith. Summer says “It was the best decision I evermade for myself and my family.” She loves the dental billing field and the challenge of being an advocate for patients and making sure the insurance is paying for the necessary treatments. eAssist has allowed her to work on insurance and billing without the hustle and bustle that comes in a dental office. Working on various teams and with many offices creates change in her “everyday”. And of course, she is there for her family more often. It has created more of a balance in her life than if she was working in a regular dental office. An interesting fact about Summer is she is a die hard Carolina Panthers fan (win or lose), her blood runs blue. Rebecca Rucker, Summer’s Regional Manager, says, “Summer is very thorough with her work and she always gets the “Message to Garcia” by following through to the very end.  She is an excellent team player and has great communication skills with her teams and her offices.  Summer’s friendly personality is contagious and building strong virtual relationships is one of her super powers.  I have really grown to cherish Summer’s friendship and I feel lucky to have had the opportunity to work closely with her on multiple assignments.”

eAssist Helpful News and Billing Tips; Edition #116


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