eAssist Spotlight- Tia Pearsall

Tia Pearsall has been with eAssist for a little over four years. Prior, she had been working at a dental office when she was unexpectedly let go. She was given the opportunity to temporarily work outside of her field while she researched options to continue in dentistry but potentially work from home. She came across eAssist and like many others was skeptical that it was a real possibility. After applying, she received her first assignment and never looked back. Tia says, “I am able to have flexibility of schedule which allows me to be very active at my daughter’s school and with my church. I am available to my family when they need me without having to sacrifice my career. Words cannot express how thankful I am for eAssist and how proud I am to be part of such an amazing company!” An interesting fact about Tia is that she is super crafty! It’s one of her favorite pastimes. She make everything from wreaths to diaper cakes and tons of things in between. Patrycja, Tia’s Regional Manager, says this about Tia. “Tia is not only dedicated to each one of her offices as AE, she also inspires and mentors her AM’s to be the same way. Tia is great at leading her teams, managing the office issues, and always being professional and thorough. She has never given up on any assignment, and has always pulled through and turned things around for the office. Each of our clients that work with Tia are extremely happy and impressed with her knowledge, dedication, promptness, and professionalism. I am very impressed by Tia, and so grateful I have been able to work with her from the start.”

eAssist Helpful News and Billing Tips; Edition #120


  • Tia was my first AE when I was hired on at eAssist 3 years ago. She showed me the ropes and I loved working with her. We’ve worked on other offices together. She is so amazing!

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