eAssist Spotlight- Toni Simon

Toni Simon began her eAssist journey in 2013 and received her first office assignment in 2014. She was originally doing similar work for a local dentist- primarily collections, but also a variety of other services. She was even able to work from home while doing it. Eventually the doctor retired and the practice was sold, Toni knew that she was going to have limited options and the thought of going through any rejections paralyzed her. She prayed, sat down at her computer, searched “dental billing jobs” and found eAssist. Toni says “prayers were answered and the rest is history!” The dental billing field is a win lose game, and for her it is always fun to win. She loves that when you are successful in getting a claim paid, you have been a good advocate to your client and it is rewarding. Her favorite aspect of eAssist is the “incredible comradely, friendships, and strong bonds you make with people you have never met.” An interesting fact about Toni is that she loves to write fiction and has been working on a novel for some time. Rather than the goal of publishing, it allows her to keep her creativity alive. “I love where it takes me… it’s like an awake dream.” Toni describes. Melinda, Director of Operations, says this about her. “Toni is passionate about eAssist and works tireless hours to get the job done. She is a great mentor to everyone on her team and truly cares for their success.”

eAssist Helpful News and Billing Tips; Edition #121


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