Embezzlement, an E-ticket ride to Dental office Drama

You may think it will never happen to you. You have the perfect staff and an even more awesome Office Manager. So, some things don’t always add up but then she does have an explanation that makes sense, right? She is the last to leave because she is pouring over the end of day reports and matching the adjustments to the insurance claims etc. and you don’t get to see the report until sometime during the week because she is “verifying the accuracy” of the computer report. Not to worry. Think again.
The following story from WBNG-E-News: http://www.wbng.com/news/local/Former-bookkeeper-pleads-guilty-to-stealing-from-business-289188691.html tells a story about a dental office manager/bookkeeper who managed to steal more than $50,000 from the checking account of her employer, an Oral Surgery group practice over a period of 5 years. A question is:
Why did it take five years to figure out what she was doing?
Number one reason is that the dentist or dentists underestimate the cleverness and creativity of embezzlers. These are smart people who can size up a situation where there is an opportunity to improve their own bottom-line. They will seize the moment when the guard is down and the doctor is distracted.
Office Managers often called “gate-keepers” because they are protecting the doctor from unwanted solicitors and problematic patients. These skills can also be used against the doctor to keep him/her out of business matters such as collections, discounts and write-offs.
Is there another way around this scenario? Yes, having another pair of eyes involved in the business of the practice on a daily basis. Someone who does not have any way to handle money but can control the receipt and posting and give you a report at the end of every single day is the answer. Contact eAssist Dental Billing for how our workers can help to prevent unauthorized access to your wealth.


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