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Encouraging Testimonials for Your Dental Pracice

When you practice dentistry, you know that there are always at least a thousand things that need to get done. Real estate, dental insurance billing, and customer service relations tend to top the list of the biggest stressors for new and established business. No matter how long you have been practicing dentistry, overlooking the old-fashioned customer testimonials can have consequences for your bottom line and the overall health of your company. Instead of just relying on word-of-mouth, getting your brand established online is the best way to attract new customers as well as long time patients looking to share their story.

With the advent of social media sites, it can seem like there’s just far too many of them to keep track of. Facebook tends to be one of the primary ad-based ways to get your business revenue, but also has its own review space for your customers to rate their experience for the public to see. In terms of encouraging testimonials, there are a number of ways you can motivate patients to share their story. Directing them to your Facebook or Yelp page on newsletter pages can afford them an easy way to discuss their experience. As well as this, having signage that offers a friendly way to say “Rate us Five Stars!” can be especially helpful for newer businesses. If you get an email, letter, or other form of written testimonial outside of online sources, post it to your email newsletter or on a testimonials page of your website. Personalize your testimonials at your patient’s request, with an image of their dental work and positive experience. Too often, dentistry is about the “fake smile” instead of the one that you provide, so show it off whenever you get a chance.

Sometimes the simplest way to attract elusive online reviews is to market ads for your services locally, instead of to a larger online audience. Target the location of your business as well as the typical patient demographic that you serve. Are you primarily cosmetic, or known for the best checkups for kids? Define your business and get it front of those who will visit. As you get more reviews, whether positive or negative, the legitimacy of your practice is further established. Having consistent customer service and patient care is the singular best way to attract testimonials, online or in person. Dentistry can be a difficult market to master, but your positive experiences and continuing patient relationships will be a constant reminder of your success.


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