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Sarah Kersting

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Facilitating Teamwork

Facilitating teamwork is difficult, especially for businesses that don’t have a clear goal in mind. Does your company’s mission statement align with the values that you want your workers to practice? Are you motivating them to not only do their best, but do better?

Motivation is understandably not easy, especially over time without any direction. As a business owner, it’s your responsibility to ensure that your team is working harder and smarter, with all the support that they need to get them to where they need to be.

Here are 5 ways to get things going in motivating your team:

    1. Ensure that all employee roles are clear and understood.
      This one might sound easy, but it’s harder than it sounds. You might have hired a number of individuals for a particular job, but perhaps there’s some overlap in responsibility that creates tension or confusion among them. Even if everyone has a specialty or skill, you can create an “action plan” that outlines the details for any responsibilities necessary between workers. By doing this, you’re ensuring that everyone feels accounted for and appreciated.
    2. Hold your employees (and yourself!) accountable.
      If you’ve made a detailed action plan, you and your employees can see whether anything is getting done or not. If things seem like they’re slipping out of your control, call a meeting and ask everyone what they need from you or anyone else on the team. Accountability goes both ways, not just in the direction of your employees, so hold yourself to any promises you make and projects you assign to them.
    3. Give your team a chance to participate in big decisions.
      There’s no better way to make your team feel included than by actually including them in the decisions that keep your business running. Maybe you’re coming up with that new action plan, or simply wondering if you need more equipment to keep things running smoothly in the office. Every time you call on your employees to make suggestions, you’re giving them an opportunity to speak out about ways to make everything more efficient. What’s beneficial to them is beneficial to you.
    4. Make every voice heard.
      When an employee airs a grievance, do yourself a favor and listen to it. Dealing with problems as they arise is much better than putting it on the backburner and having it come back to bite you later. It might sound easier said than done, but this one is really worth it for your personal sanity and peace of mind. If you can’t deal with something in the moment, add it to a ledger within easy sight and reach of your desk to keep it in the forefront of your mind.
    5. Don’t make things complicated.
      Perhaps out of everything else, the best thing you can do is simplify things to a point where everything becomes that much easier to understand and implement, whether that’s tasks you’re delegating or a new marketing plan. Communication and confirmation will work wonders in increasing your productivity and lessening any needless complexities.

Motivation is just the first step. Keeping things fresh and adhering to these tips will keep your business running smoothly and your employees happy.


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