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Amanda Cross

Marketing Manager

Finding a Consulting Approach That Works

Why Wait?

Within the dental industry, the necessity of consultations for patients is widely understood. Too often, we put our real, long term professional development goals on the ‘back burner’. In lieu of focusing on the future, we essentially backpedal to the present. We understand and support your practice’s number one priority: putting your patients first. However, there are other considerations to take into account when it comes to both the longevity of your practice and the viability of your business.

Experience the Benefits

eAssist’s new corporate relationship with renowned dental professional consultant Lois Banta has allowed us to focus on the future, while emulating the two things we expect from one another: kindness and appreciation. Our employees expect the best from us. It is imperative that we place ourselves in their shoes to truly understand what it means to have benefited from professional consultation and suggestion. Consultations should not be a negative thing. They’re an opportunity for you to take a hard look at the ins and outs of your practice. In doing so, you have a chance to examine potential areas for improvement. Whether that area is customer relations, employee communication, or financial prospects, there’s never a bad time to start being proactive and consulting with a professional.

Find New Possibilities for Your Practice

If you already have a mentor in your industry space, be sure to ask them questions about uncertainties you have, or perhaps even about their experience during a time of crisis. Global pandemic notwithstanding, there are always avenues of growth that we can look toward and achieve, even if we just need a little push in the beginning. Always approach suggestions and learning new things with a positive attitude. Your patients and management know what they want, so why not do what it takes to increase both the popularity and profitability of your practice? It starts with care, and being able to accept the moments where we need to adjust our current track and try something new. Hire a consultant today that works for you. Soon you’ll see the difference that finding a consultant can make on your entire practice.


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