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HHS CARES Act Application Extended to August 28th

Lack of patients, confusing applications, deadlines, and slower federal response have led many dental practices to the brink of financial collapse. You and your employees need to get paid, and without elective patient procedures due to a mandated COVID-19 shutdown, profits are too low to afford hours for most practices across the country. 


The CARES Act has afforded many medical professionals a lifeline during this crisis, but only for a short period of time. While the initial HHS application deadline of August 3rd has already passed, the extension to August 28th has been greatly needed to afford more practices the time to process financial records for their application.


With this new application extension of federal aid and support from Health and Human Services (HHS), dentists are able to free themselves from the burden of financial insecurity and easily pay their employees, rent, and other financial obligations. There has never been a better or easier time to get your practice back on track.


Access eAssist resources for your HHS application before August 28th [HERE] 



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