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Hiring New Dentists

Dental clinics provide a variety of treatments and services to patients. However, they are limited in what they provide, depending on their skillset. More dentists could assist them in taking on more patients, providing certain procedures that the practice cannot provide. Dentists could hire new dentists for their practice in order to get more income, but they need to vet them first.
New dentists could help clinics expand and increase revenue. Dentists could add treatments and services to their practice to increase their patient base by hiring more dentists (“8 Tips For Running A Successful Dental Practice”). These dentists could do treatments and services that the dentist “can’t provide or consistently refer outside the practice” (Gonzalez 2017). Furthermore, associates could also help dentists bring back patients that have not visited the clinic for a long while because the clinic was “reaching maximum capacity” (Manji 2017).  Dentists could assign them to associates to treat them now that patients have another dentist to go to (Manji 2017). Associates could also allow clinics to be open on other days, such Saturdays, possibly resulting in more patients for the practice (“Time for an Associate?”). Dentists could even have specialists operate in the clinic “one day a week or once per month and have that convenience for [the clinic’s] patients” (“Time for an Associate”). Though, dentists should take note “to accurately report the treating dentist on the claim form” in order to avoid fraud (Milar 2014)
Before hiring an associate, dentists should consider a variety of factors. For general dental clinics, they should hire associates when they have “[a] minimum of 2,000 active patients,” “[hygiene] booked four to six weeks ahead, and” “[the] financial ability to subsidize six to twelve months of associate salary” (Gonzalez 2017). Dentists could enlist Certified Public Accountants (CPA) or other advisors to assist them in “[determining] whether the practice can afford an associate” (Prescott 2017). Once the dentist hires an associate, their income usually decreases at first (Gonzalez 2017). Assuming that the associate “[meets] set production goals,” which is usually “three times his or her salary,” dentists could “break even” (Gonzalez 2017). Furthermore, dentists also need to investigate whether the associate would “interact and work with [the dentists], [their] staff, and [their] patients” (Gonzalez 2017). Dentists could put the associate through a trial period lasting 60 to 90 days in order to see whether the associate works well with the clinic (Gonzalez 2017). However, dentists should refrain marketing their new associate right away because if the dentists must fire the associate and hire a new one for any reason, “that sends another kind of message” to the patients (Kaltwasser 2017).
Hiring new associates could greatly help the practice be more available to patients and bill for more treatments and services. Though, dentists should take their time in finding the right ones.

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