On hold with Insurance Companies Causes Undue Stress

Part of the job of being an Office Manager or an Insurance Coordinator is the time spent on hold waiting for an insurance representative who can answer a question about an unpaid claim.   It is like a game of who can wait the longest as insurance companies don’t care how long you are on hold because they are paying you not the other way around.  So how can we protect our health from the stress this causes us?

The APA or American Psychological Association suggests to combat workplace stress first identify the causes by keeping a journal at least a week and record whenever you feel the pain of stress and how you handled it.  The APA then goes to explain and suggest how you might handle the stressors.  For example, choosing to exercise instead of eating fast food or junk food.  Making time for hobbies and other activities that bring you pleasure after work helps diffuse anger.  Getting enough sleep helps to stabilize your mood and give you the energy to accept things that are not in your control.  Take short mental breaks from your computer and walk around the office or get some air outside.   Take your full lunch break and get out of the office.  You will be far more prepared mentally upon your return to accept the challenges than you would if you spend your lunch break sitting on hold.   Take care of yourself so that you can do your best work.

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