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Amanda Cross

Marketing Manager

How We Did It: Efficient & Effective Operations

Exemplary patient care and overall patient experience is certainly crucial for any top-performing practice. Without efficient and effective processes in place, it is virtually impossible to deliver the patient care and experience you aspire to. Nor is it possible to significantly grow your business when your systems – and the people trying to execute them – are unable to keep up. Moreover, your systems and processes need to evolve with changing patient expectations and technological advances.

How do top practices improve efficiency?

Top practices learn to work smarter —  not harder — including knowing when to delegate and outsource to others with more specialized knowledge and skills who can get the job done. 


Top practices consistently cite improvements in efficiency, productivity and communication when outsourcing skill-based office duties. By off-loading these time-consuming and distracting tasks, your staff can fully focus on providing the best patient care and interaction. This makes for a better patient experience, and a more rewarding employment experience.


The most commonly outsourced functions include:

  • Insurance billing and collections (dental and medical)
  • Patient billing and collections
  • Dentures, crowns, bridges, and other lab necessities
  • Patient Scheduling
  • Dental accounting and EFT reconciliation
  • Credentialing
  • Insurance Verification
  • Marketing
  • Telephone coverage


“The patient experience is of paramount importance; doing something that allows the staff to focus on serving the needs of the patients with more face-time and interaction is right in line with that mission.” Dr. Shannon Barnhart, Fresno Oral Maxillofacial Surgery & Dental Implant Center, CA

How do top practices effectively outsource to improve operations?

When it comes to hiring staff, there are right ways and wrong ways to recruit, hire and retain great talent. The same is true for outsourced team members. First and foremost, it is crucial to have the mindset that you are leveraging third party expertise so you can recalibrate focus, not displace or remove team members.


Choose a third party you can trust to get the job done well, based on their experience, expertise and commitment to results. Make them a vital part of the practice and a valued member of your team – a mutual process. When there’s a genuine relationship with you and the staff, there’s a heightened awareness and commitment to your goals, not just to completing assigned tasks.


“If you’re at the point where you have a busy practice, and one person is doing all the billing…it becomes pretty terrifying to know that one person is literally the link to all the money coming into your practice.” Dr. Joel Gould, Modern American Dentistry, Manhattan Beach CA


How to learn more:

Learn more about how top practices across the country improve efficiency, increase productivity, retain patients with exemplary care and communication, and more at the How We Did It dental event, sponsored by eAssist Dental Solutions. With an all dentist speaker line-up, dentists can truly learn from their peers mistakes and successes when building their practices. You can also read our newest eBook “6 Elements of a Successful Dental Practice“.


  • How can I sign up fir the meeting?

    • Hi Joanne!
      Unfortunately, our ticket sales ended before the event began. However, we are excited to host our second annual How We Did It event next year in January 2022. Be on the look out for more information and we hope you’ll join us next year!

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