Inaccurate Coding Can Land You in Jail

As a successful dentist, you are busy. Seeing so many patients in one day can be hectic, to say the least. And sometimes you may forget to put in the full details of why a tooth needed a restoration. Did you know that missing info could land you in jail? Neither did Dr. Roy Shelburne.

As a busy dentist, Dr. Shelburne delegated more duties to his staff, as many doctors do. But what he didn’t do was provide the adequate oversight that those employees were doing their job. Most doctors trust that their staff is doing all that they are required to do. However, mistakes in billing and coding happen all the time. And these mistakes can cost your freedom just as did for Dr. Roy Shelburne.

On October 24, 2003, he learned he was a target of an investigation because the FBI broke through the back door of his office to confiscate all his business and dental records. Throughout the next three years, his entire life was under extreme scrutiny. October 2006 Roy was found guilty. March 2008 he was indicted on charges of racketeering, healthcare fraud, and money laundering. He served a 24 month sentence in federal prison—plus pay fines and restitution. In May 2010 he was released, followed by three years of supervised probation.

During the investigation, as well as in preparation for and during the trial, it became apparent to Dr. Shelburne that his billing, records, and coding systems were inadequate.

Dr. Shelburne has now focused his efforts on the education of others to prevent the same from happening to them. His message is that it is plausible to implement systems that can form a defensive systems approach. And we agree—that is why we are here!

Listen here as a speaker, consultant, and writer, Dr. Shelburne shares his story and why he now specializes in record-keeping and business systems that protect and defend. You can hear through the interview why he is passionate about sharing his wealth of knowledge.



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