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As I fly home from San Francisco after a week of being amongst Dental friends and colleagues at the ADMC and ADA meetings, I have a chance to reflect on the value of relationship building yet again.  As eAssist continues to grow and reach more offices, we are touching more lives and making significant differences. One of the highlights of our trip was visiting with our current Dentists, their families and office teams that have been blessed with eAssist.  The personal stories are priceless of how our service has freed up so much time from being on the phone with insurance companies and has allowed for Office Managers to spend more time enriching the patient experience and building their teams. We repeatedly heard that they have more opportunity to connect, to spend time marketing, to institute plans that their consultants have recommended, to pay attention to the statistics that their metrics system highlights, to create protocols and manuals for Office Policies or OSHA requirements, to redecorate or expand their practices; and some have used their extra time to provide team building events.   We were consistently told that eAssist has brought them Peace of Mind—that they no longer have to worry about their cash flow or claims being backed up for payment. A few spouses shared that they no longer bring claim issues home with them to talk about at the dinner table—no doubt enhancing their ability to leave the office “at the office” and for sure helping with harmony of their work/life balance. One of the most touching experiences at the booth was having one of our existing clients standing along side us for about a half hour voluntarily sharing with fellow Dentists how eAssist has changed her life and made her more money! My heart was beaming with pride knowing that we have helped them so much.

I enjoyed seeing the glimmer of hope in the eyes of some of the team members that stopped by our booth never before having heard of our services.  They were surprised to know that we existed and even asked for help to persuade their Drs to commence service. Many back office team assistants were taking home our materials to share with their Office Managers stating how much this could help their whole team!  I was excited to be a part of offering a solution that truly can effect their daily lives.

In our ever changing and growing industry where we have to be constantly in the know of our Google and Facebook reviews, keep aware of our fees being competitive, learning the newest technology, providing 5 star service, it brings great comfort knowing that our teams bring Peace of Mind and comfort to so many; that they can rely on us to lift some of the burden off of their shoulders so they can breathe knowing this is one facet that don’t have to worry about!

Dental Billing Tips and News for Pros; Edition #140


  • Marcie, Thanks for being you and sharing !
    May we serve you as well as you have served us !

  • Thanks Gail! ❤️

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