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I have recently experienced a string of events that has me reminiscing about my college days back in the 90s!  This has taken me on quite a stroll down memory lane- and my biggest take-away from this recollection is the sense of perspective that I am able to feel now.  Oh, how I would have done things so differently had I known then what I know now…or would I? I find myself feeling much gratitude about how those experiences have shaped me, brought me down my own path, and contributed to who I am now.  I guess we will never know how life would be if only… but I have been contemplating how much more self-awareness I have now, a more global view of my place in the world and with others, and a database of knowledge I access daily. It’s easy to see how we have changed when we compare who we were 25 years ago, even 25 months ago; it’s a bit less obvious looking back at 25 days, and even harder at 25 hours, nearly impossible after 25 seconds.  We are changing and growing all the time. Our experiences of this moment shape how we will see things in the future even in the time it takes for one short phone call, one small patient interaction, one procedure. This series of small events combines to shape our thought patterns and life serving strategies. You know what, looking back on it, I wouldn’t change a thing!

Never lose site of where you are going, and don’t forget where you’ve come from.-author unknown.

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  • Love it, Marcie.

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