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Amanda Cross

Marketing Manager

Maximize Your Dental Insurance Benefits

The end of the year brings with it many last-minute resolutions and necessities, from Thanksgiving dinner to Christmas shopping. Even with the holidays looking a bit different this year, we can still make use of outstanding dental plan benefits by speaking with our dentist about potential treatment options.

Understanding your dental plan

Most insurance policies aren’t the easiest documents to understand, and it can be difficult to find out exactly what’s covered and by how much. Your dentist can have their dental accounting staff explain the monetary amount left on your benefits before they expire at the end of the year, typically within the first week of January. Don’t assume that your plan will roll over any excess benefits that you may have.

How can I maximize my dental insurance benefits?

The easiest way to maximize your dental benefits is to ask your dentist what kind of treatment you need, as well as how quickly. Maybe you have some demineralization that you’ve been keeping an eye on the last few months, but it’s progressed to form a small cavity. Instead of waiting, inform your dentist that you’d prefer prompt treatment.

What happens when you max out your dental insurance?

Like with any other medical benefit, you’re responsible for any cost that goes over your maximum limit. If you know that you’ll go over, try to budget for a treatment option that will make the most sense financially. Instead of a cosmetic procedure, consider replacing older fillings or getting new ones as recommended by your dentist.

Planning ahead

2021 brings with it uncertainty as much as promise. Your health shouldn’t be something that you have to play catch up with in the coming year. Oral care is something that your dentist is committed to, and only they can give you the clearest picture of your potential treatment needs. Visit your dentist and schedule an appointment that will keep your smile happy and healthy for the entire year to come.


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