Melinda Wilhelm

Melinda Wilhelm

Dental Medical Billing Director

Our Medical Dental Billing Promises

At eAssist, we have five goals that we set for our contractors to achieve when managing client accounts, which helps us and helps you get the profit you deserve as quickly as possible.


  • Collect 100% of What is Rightfully Owed.


Why have 99% be your yearly average when 100% can be attainable with eAssist? We don’t slouch on claims and making you money, and this means that we will go after every bit of collections that you have, up to two years previous if you enroll in our auditing service. You might be surprised at how much cash you missed out on in the first pass, and we’ll help you get it back. 


  • Submit Clean Claims for Payment Within 24 Hours.


When you have a patient come in to your practice, your eAssisters put all services that they receive into a claim submission form. This is then submitted within the day that these services are performed, so that the ball is now in insurance company’s court to pay you on time. Our eAssisters are familiar with contemporary coding terminology and the entirety of the insurance verification process, so you get the peace of mind of not having to worry about new codes and terms.


  • Post all Payments to Patient Ledgers within 24 Hours.


Aside from claim submissions, you can’t delay on ledger updates either. In order to keep your accounts updated and free of errors, it’s imperative that they be updated as frequently as services are performed, paid, and accounted for. If you know when and where everything is being inputted, you don’t need to worry about anything being missed by putting it on the backburner.


  • Follow up at Least Every 14 Days on Claims that hit 30+ in Aging.


Sometimes insurance companies lag on payment, and we hold them accountable to exactly what they owe you. Aged accounts are lost time and money, so we work to get every penny of payment processed and available to you regardless of aging. We’ll call, send snail mail, and speak with insurance representatives and customers about timely payment in a professional manner.


  • Get the Insurance over 90 Down to $0 and Keep it There.


Insurance accounts over 90 days old typically have low collection rates if they are even collected at all, and those profits end up being lost to you permanently. eAssist finds your oldest aged accounts and gets you your money. We prioritize this upon implementation of our services, and we’ll work around the clock to ensure that you don’t ever get another 90+ account. Ever.

It is with these guarantees that eAssist plans to work for you and with you to achieve your financial goals, allowing you to enjoy the profits of your business with peace of mind and the security of knowing your claims are being processed and fulfilled one hundred percent; each time, every time.


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    Thanks for sharing this post. I hope This will help most of the readers. The points like “follow up at least every 14 days on the claim” and “Get Insurance” are really good things you guys are doing.
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