The “Message to Garcia” in action at eAssist

To be a true eAssister is to never take no for an answer, especially when it comes to helping our dental practices getting claims paid.  When the insurance company denies the claim, we fall into action just like in the story of Lt. Rowan in The Message to Garcia. This short piece was written a long time ago but is still relevant today because it illustrates the tireless work ethic of “getting the job done.”  Because of this message, one of our core values is The Message to Garcia:

The following is just one example taken from the ranks of our fearless claims billers:

The office manager asked us to look into a claim dated 5/10/17 that was closed but had no reason to be (office went through quite a few changes in front staff) and wanted to see if we could get it paid. Called ins and the rep explained why it was denied. When brought to her attn that it wasn’t the case with this claim she said there was nothing she could do now that it has passed the timely filing period.  No problem (I said to myself) and simply asked if I can speak with another person. The next person came on and after politely explaining the situation she was able to open the claim back up and payment will be made in 7-10 business days… Never settle Y’all, especially when it shows there was an interaction between the office and ins co. during the time period!”



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