Why Do I Need a Patient Insurance Breakdown?

Have you ever been in a situation where a patient comes in with a large tooth ache, and now they need an RCT/BU/Crown? This happens all too often. Then the very well known question of “how much is this going to cost me” is asked. As a Dentist, it is your job to provide the best care for a patient. Memorizing codes, insurance benefits, and prices is not part of your job description. Having a breakdown of benefits on file for each patient the very first time they come into your office is an efficient way to prevent any mess.

Insurance breakdowns are different for almost every patient, no matter if they even have the same provider. A breakdown can take time and effort, but when done correctly prevents financial issues within the office and for the patient. Who usually calls on these insurances you ask? In my experience, a front office employee is typically the one to call. The phone call can take up to an hour at times, but that hour will save many hours down the road. After the insurance information is recorded, many dental softwares allows you to input this data and print off a breakdown of the price for your patient.

A happy patient is always a good thing; we enjoy happy patients in the dental world. Insurance breakdowns include a lot of information, and can be overwhelming at times. Training is required, and the person calling should be familiar with insurances. This information is vital in the financial side of a dental office. When preformed correctly, the office financials should run smoothly and you should collect the right amount from your patient.


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