“Never give up” eAssist’s Motto in Getting Appealed Claims Paid

In line with never giving up, writing the patient’s story and finding compassion and exception to a solid no – in the words of the Account Executive “my appeal had been denied with explanation that they treat all members equally and would not reconsider paying this lady’s claims.  It seemed quite final. I couldn’t let it go…I should try one more time to write a letter of appeal.  So I did.  And it worked. …All I know is checks are being cut today for both claims.  Total 983.60.”

And the client office’s response below:

“WOW!!!! You are beyond AMAZING!! I am SO surprised and THRILLED!! THANK YOU!! Bravo!!


This story is only one of the many eAssist receives from happy clients.

It takes time in a busy dental office to file claims correctly and to appeal claims.  Most offices just do not have the time to get the claims paid through the long process of appeals, give up and turn the bill over to the patient. This is not what patients like to receive, a bill that they thought would be paid by the insurance.  Outsource your billing and keep your patients coming back. We have the answers for you at eAssist.


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