New CDT Codes

In the year 2013, the ADA began publishing the CDT codes on an annual basis. There are new codes, revised codes and deleted codes in each annual edition and dental professionals must update these codes to maintain compliance with HIPAA regulations. In addition, payment to dental professionals is based on the CDT code(s) reported on the ADA Claim Form, so using the most current codes helps to maximize reimbursement and minimize audit liability.

Now and continuing in the future dental professionals will be required to use diagnosis codes in support of the procedures and services they provide. The 2012 edition of the Dental Claim Form includes fields for diagnosis codes and instructions covering the use of the ICD-9-CM (no longer used) and ICD-10-CM(currently used) coding systems.

To keep on top of coding it is recommended that you purchase the updated version of the CDT codes annually from the ADA  or from Dr. Charles Blair


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