Kami Beck

Kami Beck

CAO, Practice Profitability Expert

New Dental Membership and Discount Program to Save You Thousands

Amazon has grown into the world’s largest online marketplace by providing people access to… well… pretty much everything you could possibly need or want. And usually at the best prices, due to volume buying power. And they make it incredibly easy. Have you ever thought “Wouldn’t it be great if there were such a thing for the dental industry”? We couldn’t agree more. Imagine if you could stay focused on patient care, driving production and collections, and growing your practice instead of spending time evaluating products and services, price-shopping and negotiating with suppliers. Even one more step further, what if someone else not only did all that for you, but had the volume buying power to negotiate huge savings which were then passed along to you? 

Dental Membership and Discount Program to save you thousands of dollars each year

We have a surprise for you. The new eAssist Buying Power program does all that for you, and so much more! 

Buying Power is a dental membership and discount program offered by eAssist Dental Solutions. eAssist delivers peace of mind, and we know that a huge chunk of that peace is related to overhead expenses. So Buying Power was designed by dentists for dentists to help practices improve productivity, decrease expenses, and increase profitability. In short, to be more successful. Think of it as a powerful combination of DSO-style group discounts and a digital mastermind society of world-class dental practice owners – dedicated to providing the absolute best practice management and profitability resources to the dental industry. 

Here’s how it works:

  1. You enroll as a member of eAssist Buying Power collective
  2. Our team negotiates the best deals on the best products and services in dentistry
  3. We pass our savings on to you and our 1,800+ members 
  4. You gain access to the collective mindshare of 1,800+ dentists to learn how they increase productivity and profitability, while eliminating expenses
  5. Your practice saves money on the supplies, technology and services you need to thrive 
  6. Your overhead and expenses decrease and you no longer have to price-shop or negotiate with suppliers 
  7. Your practice profitability and income increase

It’s easy to become a member

It really couldn’t be any easier to simplify your process and multiply your profits by gaining access to the dental industry’s best products and services at the lowest possible rates. And, you’ll become part of a collective mindshare of 1800+ profit-building dental practices, all willing to share their knowledge and experience to help you, too, be more profitable and productive.

Over the next few weeks, we’ll dive deeper into the many member benefits — e.g., supplies, equipment, continuing education, consulting, marketing, malpractice insurance, retirement planning, lab services… to name just a few! We’ll also talk more about the savings, rebates, and benefits being offered by the ever-growing list of Practice Profitability Experts, such as Henry Schein, Implant Direct, Staples, Dental Intelligence, Kleer, Swell, and so many more. And, perhaps most importantly, we’ll be sharing real success stories of the tangible savings Buying Power members have already achieved – in some cases, more than $30,000 in a single year! 

eAssist Buying Power may never rival Amazon’s reputation as “one of the most influential economic and cultural forces in the world,” but we’re already well on our way to being a powerful influence in the dental industry for some of the same reasons. We provide access to a wide range of the industry’s most respected and innovative products, services, equipment, education and consulting resources at the lowest possible prices. And, we make it exceedingly easy for you to save money. 

If you are an eAssist client, enroll and start saving now! If you’re not an eAssist client, we invite you to sign up for our waitlist and be the first notified when availability has opened up to the public. 

Click here to learn more, or call one of our practice profitability experts at (801) 609-9805.


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