New Internal Marketing idea from Quantum Labs

Quantum Labs 1-888-659-0626 or has a new idea for marketing the practice. They have available new electric toothbrush replacement heads for the Oral B and the Sonicare brushes at .99 cents a piece (48 per box at .99 cent each).

Many patients have electric toothbrushes so don’t really have a need for the manual brush that is usually given out with the hygiene visit.  Patients like me who use the electric sonicare would be impressed to get a replacement head with the hygiene visit because they typically cost about $10.00 a piece.

I received a sample of this brush and used it without seeing or feeling any difference from the sonicare brush head.   They are guaranteed with a money back guarantee if you don’t like them.

It is worth a try and your patients with electronic brushes will appreciate it.


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