“A personal billing line for your practice.”

Why is outsourcing patient debt collection a lifeline for your practice?

Managing a dental practice can be at times challenging and a bit scary because of the many responsibilities involved.  Having patients who like to talk to you is important but when it comes time to collect monies owed that they haven’t paid, your hand just doesn’t want to pick up the phone and make the call.  Now you have to put on the “debt collector” hat. You might as well be their worst nightmare. Building relationships of trust can be on shaky ground when money is owed but it is your job to collect what is rightfully owed.

How do you collect the money and still be a hero?

Outsource to an expert billing company such as eAssist Dental Solutions and let them take the hassle out of your day by being your personal patient liaison.  Why is eAssist a better solution for your practice and your Office Manager?

  1. eAssist has a systematic approach to your collection issues instead of “when I have time and when I am in the mood” approach.  Without a system and a timeline to address unpaid accounts you will not have the consistency to get accounts paid.

For instance, you make the call and the debtor wants to pay in a week and promises the check will be in the mail.  A week later you don’t see the check, but you don’t have the time to follow-up with the debtor. The debtor now thinks you aren’t watching or don’t care.

  1. eAssist saves valuable time.  The Office Manager must “work the calls” into her/his already busy day and this involves quiet time in designated space away from the contact of patients and staff in the practice. Realistically, how often does this scenario play out positively?

eAssist has the time to devote to make personable collection contacts for you, representing you in a professional manner.

  1. eAssist is accountable. The collection calls and all that go with it is off your list and now is the responsibility of eAssist.  With a special phone line set up that shows the calls are coming from your office, eAssist becomes your personal billing line.  eAssist will answer to you for all that is performed to assist in collection of unpaid accounts in a professional and consistent manner.

Sure, as an Office Manager, collections are part of your job, but who says you have to be the one doing it especially if you don’t have the time or the interest?


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