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Presenting Your Practice to Patients

Your front office is your business’s first impression, and presenting it in a professional way to your patients should be a top priority. Whether you’re starting out in the industry or simply want a modern update, here are some tips to make the most of your dental office space.

Designing Your Business Professionally and Personally

It’s our first instinct to create space that speaks to us on a personal level, but when it comes to our business and livelihood, less is more. Maybe you’re a big collector of particular sculptural art pieces. Instead of flooding the waiting room with gigantic statues, choose one thing with a bit more grandeur to make a statement centerpiece. 

Choosing gold or silver accents add a luxurious pop to any office, and trim lines can make it look chic without being pretentious. Contemporary trends go towards brighter colors that aren’t too drastic, and adding these pops of metallic sheen can tie things together perfectly.

These modern dental office designs might seem plain or boring to you, so don’t be afraid to experiment with some real color, bright or dark. If your office is more muted, try splashing a bit of color on the backdrop of your front desk. This can also make it easier to see and direct your patient’s eyes to where they need to go.

Creating a Floorplan that Works

All of your taste in design won’t mean much if it creates wasted space, traffic jams, or any other sort of unsightly feng shui. Try as we might, we don’t always get these details right. 

Firstly, ensure that seating is ample in both size and surrounding space, as some patients may want more privacy. Single seating options, rather than something like a large couch, are preferable due to cleanliness and professionalism. You don’t need the world’s finest leathers, but something with a dark tone and simple, sturdy construction will work wonders in presenting itself well and practically.

As well as this, your front office desk should be in an area that is easy to see and reach for your patient and employees. Try to keep all commonly used office equipment, such as printers, close to the front desk. This will ideally allow your employees to only have to take a step or two between their workstation and your patients.

Choosing the Proper Furniture

While it might seem like a good idea to ensure that everything in your office matches in tone and color, sometimes it’s worth it to switch things up a bit in order to maximize the efficiency of your furniture. Having a mix of larger and smaller size chairs that complement one another breaks up the monotony and institutional look of many offices.

In lieu of the traditional children’s toys and section of your waiting room, you can opt for a simple rug or play mat that is easy for kids and parents to recognize as “their space”. All-wood toys are bacteria resistant and easy to clean, and this is another scenario where a little goes a long way. Stay away from plastic, Play-Doh, and other toys that can break off smaller pieces and cause more issues than they’re worth. By having a space that is uniquely “theirs”, children will have an easier and more positive experience when visiting your dental practice.

Getting the Balance Right

Once you’ve settled into your new design space, see how it works for you and your patients in real time. Ask your employees if anyone has noticed something new you’ve put together, or if there happens to be a complaint about a particular fixture being too bright or in the way. Take criticism into consideration and see what works. The ideal balance is a mixture of your own personal style and the things you love while retaining the professional dental practice look, so get designing!


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