Are You Ready for a Dental Consultant?

Answer these five questions

Go to any trade show or practice management seminar and you will meet many dental consultants who are there to sell you a plan to overcome obstacles that are preventing your practice from growth.

Make sure that you are ready for a dental consultant by asking yourself the following questions.

  1.  Do I expect the dental consultant to solve all my problems without me getting involved?
  2.  Do I expect the dental consultant to “straighten out” my underperforming staff and fire them if necessary?
  3.  Do I expect the dental consultant to work in the practice?
  4.  Do I expect the dental consultant to be my therapist, confidant or shoulder to cry on?
  5.  Do I expect to get my money’s worth by having the consultant on speed dial 24/7?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, consider this first:

Many dentists hire dental consultants thinking this is the “genie in a bottle” they have been looking for only to find out they are really messengers with a strategic plan. When you hire a dental consultant, you are going to have lots of homework to do as a result.  As the CEO/dentist, you will find that you now must invest yourself into your practice and learn how to be a business person.

No dental consultant can help if you are not willing to make the changes necessary for success. Most of the time, that change begins with you.  Sometimes it takes paying a hefty sum to a reputable dental consultant to motivate you to change.  Having made the investment helps get the commitment.  Getting the team on board to change is another issue but if you support the dental consultant 100% you will get far less resistance and more acceptance.   If you are having staffing problems the consultant will help to investigate the source of the problems but don’t be dismayed if the source is you.  This too can be worked out with resolution and work.


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