Remote Workers Require Specific Skills

Working from a home office is not for everyone.  While it may be enticing to stay in your pajamas with a cup of coffee in one hand and the other on the keyboard, the glamour may wear off quickly if you are not suited for this type of work.   The following is a list of desirable traits for remote workers.   While not a complete list it does summarize the top skills.

  1.       Communication. You have to be able to reach out to others from your work space to communicate effectively.  Many people you may have never met in person and it will take longer to get to know them to be able to judge how to properly communicate.    Being knowledgeable about email and social media messaging along with great phone skills is necessary to establish rapport and cooperation.  Remote workers are mostly alone during the day so communication skills may become rusty with time and must be practiced to keep sharp.
  2.       Self-discipline and self-motivation.  If you are used to being micromanaged by a boss you may have a difficult time staying on task.  It is easy to get distracted or to end up at the beach instead of getting your work done on time.   You have deadlines for work at home just like at the office and your performance will be noticed even if no one is watching you.
  3.       Metrics measure performance.  Remote workers often have management systems in place that measure their work by metrics.  You have to be okay with having your work measured by numbers instead of personality or relationships.
  4.       Remote office must be viewed as an office.   Remote workers must be tech savvy enough to handle basic computer malfunctions.  After all you are not in a corporate or business office that employs an outside IT company to come in at a moment’s notice.     The office space must be HIPAA compliant when dealing with client’s personal information.  The office space must be comfortable and have proper seating and lighting and privacy to ensure the work will be completed to satisfaction.


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