Jaycee Brown

Jaycee Brown

Director of Communications

Saving the No show or Broken Appointment

Even when practices take all precautions against broken appointments they still happen.  This is something that is part of the culture of dental practices but limiting the number of these events is possible if you use the right scripting.   Take note that if a patient is coming from work they can get distracted, lose track of time and not show up or come in so late their chair time is up.

If the appointment is confirmed either by a staff member phone call or by an automated system like Demandforce and Lighthouse(not an endorsement) it still can be a statistic of a no show without some attention.

If the patient is scheduled for 3:00 pm and it is 3:02 the patient is late.  Pick up the phone and call the best number to reach them at and it is usually the cell phone.   If the patient does not pick up they will still see that you have called and the time.   If they are close enough they will drop what they are doing and come in with still enough time to treat them.   If the call goes to message leave the following:

“Hi (name) this is ______from Dr.______office.  We have you on our schedule for 3:00 today and it is just a couple minutes past 3 so if you are on your way great, but if something has happened to delay you, please call us immediately.”

Anyone thinking of just not showing up will be caught off guard that you have noticed they haven’t arrived. Many will get in the car and show up because it sounds like you care.  

The importance is the message you are sending.  You want your patients to value their time with you and also to understand the method used in scheduling.  If they are late or don’t show up it impacts several people including other patients who want to be there and are on time.


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