Scaling and Root Planing ICD-10 CM diagnostic Codes

Belle DuCharme, RDA, CDPMA

Many insurance plans are asking for medical diagnostic codes for scaling and root planing.  Since scaling and root planing is a procedure that is non-surgical for the treatment of periodontal disease it is often associated with other physical health issues of the human body.

The following are ICD-10 codes that can be listed on the ADA 2013 claim form when submitting for coverage of scaling and root planing.

K03.6   Deposits (accretions) on teeth

K05.20 Aggressive periodontitis, unspecified

K05.21 Aggressive periodontitis, localized

K05.22 Aggressive periodontitis, generalized

K05.30 Chronic periodontitis, unspecified

K05.31 Chronic periodontitis, localized

K05.32 Chronic periodontitis, generalized

K05.4 Periodontosis (an obsolete term in the current Periodontal Disease Classification system)

K05.5 other periodontal diseases

K05.6 Periodontal disease, unspecified

Secondary diagnosis codes may be applied if the condition is a contributing factor to the periodontal disease such as E11.630 Type 2 diabetes mellitus (patient has periodontal disease). Further research of the ICD-10 codes is required.  They are to mirror the clinical notes on the patient chart.


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