Jaycee Brown

Jaycee Brown

Director of Communications

Sharing Success Stories of the Amazing eAssist Teams

In lieu of a “How eAssist Changed My Life” story, we decided to spotlight several individuals for their outstanding work for our clients.


  1. Hello eAssisters!!

I wanted to share a success!  There is an office that came on for a “three month trial” to see if they would be happy with services and if we were the right fit for the office.  After speaking with the Dr. at the end of the trial period, she expressed her happiness with her team and thought they were doing a great job.  Not only does she want to continue services, Mariana and Desiree impressed her enough for her to now want to add Pt Portion!!!

I was SOO excited to hear this!  Ladies, you have definitely shown your VALUE to Dr. S, thanks for being awesome!!!

Have a great rest of your week!!
Jenny Burton
Team Leader/Regional Manager
eAssist Dental Solutions

  1. I just wanted to pass along my office manager’s comment about Danielle Annese.  

Thanks ladies this is very helpful, and I agree that Danielle is the bomb!

She asked for claim status because the patient is coming in soon (she didn’t read the notes, but that’s ok) and I explained that partial payment is in my scan today, and the PM is already being reprocessed.  I praised Danielle for having already called to check status, and gotten insurance to reprocess the PM, before we even received the denial in the mail.  In fact, the status was noted only about 2 weeks after the claim was even submitted.  

Danielle, you are “the bomb” and I appreciate having you on this account with me, more than you know!

Cynthia Robinette
Regional Manager
eAssist Dental Solutions

  1. Good Evening!  

I just want to take a moment to recognize both, Nancy Leake and Charlisia Milton.  They recently began their work on a new office with many moving parts.  Their attention to detail, communication and follow through with the office staff has already made such an impact they received an awesome note, not only from the office staff but from the Dr. as well.

Great job ladies!  I am excited to be a part of this office with you!

See feedback below:

From Dr.-  “I just wanted to say that you guys are doing an outstanding job with those reports and we are very glad to have hired your team”

Marcey Bearss
Team Lead/Regional Manager
eAssist Dental Solutions

  1. I received two surveys back from Dr. E, and a client in North Carolina.

Great Job to Wynette Chavez on Dr. E’s office. They gave our services a 5 and said that Wynn has helped with so many issues that their office has had!

Great Job to Kim Schroeder for a client in North Carolina! They also gave our services a 5 and said:

“eAssist has helped us process claims more efficiently and in a timely manner. They have been a huge help in following through with unpaid or denied claims.”

I have personally had the pleasure of working with these two ladies for quite some time and they are absolutely fantastic examples of what eAssist is all about. Thanks for all your hard work ladies.

Chandra Poll
Regional Manager
eAssist Dental Solutions

  1. Hello all,

The doctors in our region are really responding to my recent request for rating our services! I have yet to receive anything less than a 5!  

Dr. S replied: “5! You guys are awesome!”

and Dr. J replied: “5 for customer service”

I am both humbled and proud to be working with Cat on both of these offices. We are a HOT team!

Michele Pennington
Regional Manager
eAssist Dental Solutions

  1. 6. We received this compliment from a client in Florida.

Great job Tatiana & Zighe! You are appreciated!

I have enjoyed working with Tatiana Payoute and Zighereda Ghebrelul, I feel we have a great working team going here. There is never a time that they are not quick to respond and do whatever is needed for our office collections and insurance claims to be met. All EOB’s are posted in a timely manner and our collections for the most part is low. I really appreciate all these ladies do for us.

The Office Manager

Regina Belot
Regional Manager
eAssist Dental Solutions

  1. Hello eAssist Family!

The following offices have given our teams a 5 (on a scale from 1-5) with responses like- “I would give you a 10 if that was a choice.” “I absolutely love eAssist and the team I work with.” “eAssist has increased collection, claims come in faster…awesome job.” “You guys are doing really well so far. Keep it up!”


A client in Michigan ***Tia Pearsall and Gail Kuiava***
A client in Connecticut ***Miranda Mitto and Neli Tujarova***
A client in California ***Jackie Koontz and Wynette Chavez***
A client in Louisiana ***Jackie Koontz and Dawn Guest-Sansom***
A client in New Jersey ***Jackie Koontz***

Thank you for being so amazing and being a part of my region. I could not do what I do without your dedication, hard work, and super effort!

eAssist is grateful to all of you for working so hard and making us stand out and be most sought-after, as dental insurance and dental office experts!

Patrycja DeGradi,  M.A. Biology
Regional Manager
eAssist Dental Solutions

  1. Hello All,

I wanted to share the many great compliments recently received on the excellent service these teams have provided, thank you all for your hard work to make these a huge success

A client in Connecticut- 2 locations
AE: Michelle Lang
“A 5 Star for sure! Great service!”

A client in South Carolina -16 locations
Becky Osgood
Colisha Kilgore
Deisy Garcia
Jennifer Tate
Julie Cao-Weiss
Kerry Gates
Martie Blackmon
Martina Garcia
Michelle Callorina
Nicole Fischer
Priscilla Underwood
Shannon Burke
Stacy Ward
”5 Stars. The team is working great for our offices. Excellent communication. The team is fantastic! I wish we would have started sooner”

A client in Florida
AE: Catharine​ Burningham
AM: Stacy Ward
“5 Stars. Cathy and Stacy are great!! We work very well together and they are very prompt with my request!! Couldn’t ask for a better team!

A client in California
Melissa Fisher
Kerry Gates
“5 star. The team is great. They have been doing a great job meeting all of our needs. Thank you for being so flexible and working with us. I am overall very satisfied with what eAssist does for our office.”

“I can’t begin to explain how much time it has given our front staff to give our patients the best possible in person service. Our aging reports have never looked better!”  

“eAssist has been on top in terms of daily reports and it allows us to do other work with their help especially in terms or appeals w/ claims and sending preauths.”

A client in Maryland
Sarah Price
Jennifer Tate
Kerry Gates
Michelle Callorina
Kristi Corbett
Nanette Callorina
Jeannie Mitchell
“1. Quick response to emails. 2. Of course, it makes sure we are doing what we need to do on our end. 3. It takes a lot to submit as many claims as this office generates, they have been top notch on this. 4. Please keep up the AMAZING work!”

Katrina Winch
Account Executive/Regional Manager
eAssist Dental Solutions

  1. Hello everyone,

Rebecca Avey has been working with this this client from Hawaii since 2011 and their quarterly survey just came back with a 5 out of 5 for the exemplary work Rebecca has done for them…

“Claim appeals and fee schedule issues are just a few among many things…” Rebecca has taken care of for this practice.

Thank you for always going above and beyond, Rebecca. You are an example to us all!

Please send your love and support to Rebecca.

Thank you all,
Michele Pennington
Regional Manager
eAssist Dental Solutions

  1. Great job, Lori Ruth!

Lori has completely won Dr. R over and he considers her a vital part of his practice. Also Lynn Dias just started pt portion for Dr. R! Great job team.

I have been very happy with eAssist and would love to continue our relationship for years to come.  I understand that it’s quite the project that we have all taken-on, and I am truly thankful to have eAssist on my side.  It makes me happy to know that we will eventually get everything audited and up-to-date.
Dr. R

Melinda Wilhelm, CPC
VP, Operations
eAssist Dental Solutions

Dental Billing