The Six Must Have Services of eAssist Dental Solutions

eAssist’s goal is to continue growing and changing to provide the best practices for our dental clients, their staff and their patients.  Our goal is to save the dental practices money by improving your cash flow and improving your relationships with your patients. The value of our services continues to improve as we listen to the needs of our clients and their individual practices.  Mostly we are known for our:

(1) Dental insurance billing service as this service has shown to improve not only the cash flow, revenue stream for the practice, it also increases satisfaction with the front office team who now can concentrate on the needs of the schedule and patient communication about treatment.  Patients are also happier when their claims are paid fast, and they don’t receive a bill for covered benefits. As we have learned to improve this service we have come to see the need for other services to our client practices. Those services are:

(2) Patient Portion:

Completely outsource your billing department. We will give your office a dedicated phone number for patients to call whenever they have questions about their statements or account balances. The phone number will have the same area code as your practice with a caller id being the name of your dental practice — so when we return patient calls, they know that a representative of your dental office is calling.

It’s best to collect patient co-pays at the time of service, but often after insurance payments are posted patients may owe more. Let us help collect your past due patient accounts receivable balances. Enroll in eAssist Patient accounts receivable add-on service today.

(3) Insurance Verification:

We verify general patient benefits and history shown on our history verification form. This choice is great for added family members or existing patients, who have a recent full benefit breakdown available, but you are confirming benefits and checking patient specific history, maximums and deductible used, etc.  or: Extensive verification

Full Benefit Verification

We verify and provide you with the most thorough verification breakdown available. This option is ideal for new patients, existing patients with a new insurance plan, or simply an update for all your patients in the new year. We can also customize the full benefit breakdown for specific specialty offices.*Please note that any verification requests that are made less than 48 hours of patient appointment are considered an ASAP verification and the fee is $12.50 per verification.

(4) Accounting and bookkeeping:

eAssist Dental Accounting is dental bookkeeping and accounting built by dentists for dentists. We understand the unique accounting needs that dental practices require.

Finally, your Dentrix or Eaglesoft (or whatever software you use) and merchant statements are balanced with your day sheets, EFT insurance deposits, bank deposits and your QuickBooks! Your deposits and payments are accurately reconciled with your bank. We even pay your bills—if you’d like us to.

(5) Medical/dental billing:

Our seasoned team of professionals have years of experience with dental billing and medical related coding. Your eAssist billing team is certified and well-versed in ICD 10 regulations and implementations – and we make staying on the front line of any regulatory and educational requirements.

Your staff no longer needs to ignore medical billing of dental procedures or spend valuable time learning medical coding and billing rules – we’ve got it covered for you!

(6) Credentialing:

The dental insurance industry is in a constant state of flux, and we must work with increasing insurance contracts. It is difficult for providers to repeat the credentialing process annually and remember the dates to re-credential.  As a result, many providers found themselves receiving an out-of-network status notification and were dropped by the insurance. This can be a shocking and costly error to the practice. The insurance checks start going to the patient and the patients owe more money for treatment, therefore leave your office.  This is our newest product/service that we know dentists and their teams not only don’t understand but don’t know the ins and outs of filling out the paperwork. We recommend that you save the time and not make costly errors by employing eAssist service to take the credentialing burden off your already overworked front office team.

We are your “go to” for full service front office services powered by a team of seasoned professionals.  When we team up with your team there is not limit to what your practice can now achieve in patient satisfaction and unparalleled growth.

Dental Billing Tips and News for Pros; Edition #130


  • These are fantastic services to receive thru eAssist!

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