Are you someone’s bad hiring decision?

You know when the dentist is not happy with your work but you don’t say anything, just keep on plugging along hoping it is just a mood he/she is in and it will pass.  Or perhaps you just shrug it off and say to yourself, “He/she doesn’t have a clue what I do and put up with all day up here.”

The key front office position whether your title is Business Coordinator or Office Manager, puts you in the hot seat as responsible for several factors that make or break the practice production and collections.

Never take it lightly if you feel you are “on probation” unofficially or have been given a “notice” on your performance.

If you have a written job description that clearly spells out your daily, monthly and yearly job responsibilities it is time you pull it out of the drawer and call a meeting with the boss.

Most likely the boss’s perception of your work does not compare to yours.  For instance, you may think it is good customer service to tie up the phone lines on Monday morning with a patient who wants to talk about the school soccer tournament while the dental assistant must leave the patient at the chair to catch the call.  You may think you are being kind to the patient who just walked out the door and didn’t pay their co-insurance.  No matter what the excuse, you aren’t doing what you are hired to do.

Arrange to have the meeting with an open mind to discuss your work and the doctor’s expectations.

Be prepared to make some changes and to set some goals.


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