Jaycee Brown

Jaycee Brown

Director of Communications

Speaking to Patients about Dental Insurance

One of the most trying areas of communication with patients is and continues to be about their dental insurance policies.  None of us like to give bad news and it seems that is our lot because most patients’ perception of their dental policy is a far cry from what it really is.  Scripting a response and practicing it helps with this and here is some scripting I found years ago which is still relevant today.  Of course you can change it to fit your philosophy.


Mrs. Smith, according to your plan administrator, you are eligible for coverage as of________.  Your employer has purchased a plan for you that include the following benefits and coverage (prints it out and gives it to the patient).  As you can see the plan gives you $1,000 a year to spend on covered dentistry.  Your employer has provided this benefit for you to get some preventive care mostly but the plan is not designed to cover all of your costs.  According to the plan representative you have a $50.00 deductible and have a coinsurance (your share) is broken down in the treatment plan (show printed treatment plan with insurance estimates).  It is usual to have to pay a share of the costs and you are ahead of most people by $1,000.00 so it is good to have the insurance to help you.”


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