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eAssist Spotlight – Tammy Friedman-Lebo

Tammy Friedman-Lebo has been a part of the eAssist Nation for the last 6 years. When asked what interests her about the dental billing field, she answered, “Funny story on how I came about getting involved in this crazy world of dentistry; but have loved it since day 1.  I was given the spiritual gift of service and that is a gift that I have been blessed to have the opportunity to use every day in this field.  I love helping people, making a difference in how people view themselves; and the ability to meet so many amazing people.  The relationships you form working in this industry are priceless.  Okay some maybe not so priceless!”

Tammy applied to be an eAssist contractor because she was in the beginning stages of selling her last dental practice, and she had made a decision to move to the USVI.  Tammy stated that she was not ready to “retire” and started looking at things she could do remotely while remaining in the industry she loves.  “Well, the rest is history! So glad I made that decision,” says Tammy.

Her favorite aspect of the position she holds with eAssist is that she continues to be blessed by using her God-given talents.  She loves IT and it was home for her for a long time when she first started with eAssist.  The ability to come “back home,” to IT has been an amazing adventure for Tammy.  “I have the opportunity to continue growing and learning in an area I am very passionate about.  We have an amazing, devoted team and the ability to serve them, as well as the entire eAssist community, every day!  Wow, how lucky am I!” 

We asked Tammy to share one interesting fact about herself and here’s what she had to say, “Okay if I have to pick one; I would have to say being a “Turtle Whisperer” is something most people would not know about me.  During my stay in the USVI; I worked with the Friends of the National Park on beautiful St. John, USVI; I did conservation work with Sea Turtles.  During my time there; the staff was always amazed at how the Turtles responded and interacted with me.  Forever known as Tammy the Turtle Whisperer.  Love it!”

Wow, thank you Tammy for sharing with us! eAssist Dental Solutions is proud to have you on our team!


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