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Jaycee Brown

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Tech Investments Every Dental Accountant Should Consider

It’s no secret that technology is advancing at a rate never before seen in the past, which is a trend that’s likely to continue into the foreseeable future. This is especially true of technology in the medical field and in dentistry, where new forms of cutting-edge technology are making it into offices throughout the country on a daily basis. Many of these types of equipment can be quite expensive up-front, but the benefits of making the purchase can be overwhelming—especially from a dental accountant’s perspective.
Ready to maximize your practice’s investments this year? Here are three types of emerging technologies to consider, all of which can help your practice grow and prosper.

3D Printing Technology

Have you ever wanted to produce your own custom orthodontics, restorations or implants in-house rather than having to outsource and pay significant (and unnecessary) extra costs? The answer can be found in 3D printing technology. What used to be nothing but a dream for dental practices is now actually very attainable, as 3D printing systems have gone down in price significantly since first hitting the market. 3D printers can typically be found for less than $5,000, and there are specific models available for dental surgery, general dentistry and orthodontics. This is a great first step when investing in new technology, especially given the low up-front costs.

CAD/CAM Systems

CAD/CAM (computer-aided design & manufacturing) technology has been around for quite a while now, but it has only recently found its way into many dental practices. This technology allows you to improve upon the design of things like crowns, dentures, implants and more, thus providing a more robust service platform for current and prospective clients. It’s important to note that these systems can sell for extremely high prices—typically $100,000 or more—which means you need to plan carefully before going down this path. If you don’t already have CAD/CAM technology in your practice, however, now may be the time to change that.

Dental Practice Management Software

If your dental practice is still being managed via pen and paper or digital spreadsheets, you’re most likely holding back your potential. Today, there are many different types of software that can be utilized to manage your dental practice. Small practices can get away with spending just a few hundred dollars on software instances that automate processes and take stress off of staff members, while larger practices may opt to spend $15,000 or more on a full-service cloud suite. Once implemented, dental practice management software can help to dramatically improve productivity within the office.
So don’t be afraid of investing in new dental technology. Make the right choices, and the benefits will show themselves immediately.


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