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The Best Schools of Dentistry in 2018

When it comes to bragging rights in college football, the Alabama Crimson Tide seem to own all of them. College basketball on the other hand? It’s a little more difficult to say. Duke is a heavy favorite, but a solid argument could be made for Kentucky or even UCLA. College basketball and college football bragging rights can be assigned rather easily but what about academic bragging rights? Which university has the best law school? Or, which university has the best dental school? As a dentist reading this, I’m sure your answer to the latter question is “my school,” but jokes aside, below is a list of the best schools of dentistry in 2018.
It’s been a while since you were in class at dental school and I’m sure you don’t plan on returning anytime soon. Maybe you’ve got kids planning on going to school and getting into the “family biz.” Perhaps you want to see if your alma mater makes the cut (sorry in advance if it doesn’t). Either way, this is a consensus list of dental schools that is compiled by taking the top universities that listed all three times in three separate online reviews/rankings.
#1 University of Michigan School of Dentistry
Located in Ann Arbor, MI and founded in 1875. UM school of dentistry has an estimated in state tuition cost around $35,000. According to Topuniversities.com it’s the 3rd best dental school in the world!
#2 Harvard University School of Dental Medicine
Located in Boston, MA founded in 1867 and has an estimated in state tuition cost around $56,000. Which, makes Harvard’s school of Dental Medicine the most expensive on this list.
#3 University of North Carolina Chapel Hill School of Dentistry
Located in Chapel Hill, NC and founded in 1905. UNC school of dentistry has an estimated in state tuition cost around $25,000! This makes the University of North Carolina School of dentistry the most affordable on this list.
#4 University of Washington School of Dentistry
Located in Seattle, WA and founded in 1945. UW school of dentistry has an estimated in state tuition cost around $39,000.
#5 University of California Las Angeles School of Dentistry
Located in Las Angeles, CA and founded in 1964 making it the newest school on this list. UCLA school of dentistry has an estimated in state tuition cost around $40,000.
If your school made this consensus list, congrats! The bragging rights are all yours. No shame if it didn’t, you can still send your kids to your alma mater! Determining top dental schools is far more arbitrary than picking which school is the best at basketball or football. What even makes a great dental school? Maybe it’s cost of tuition. Maybe it’s the school that has the highest average DAT score of accepted students. Maybe it’s a school that embraces technology more than other schools. Or, possibly it’s the school that’s down the road from where you grew up. Whatever the magic equation is for determining the best dental school, hopefully this consensus list provided you some bragging rights or at least pointed you in a direction on where to send your kids!



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