The Ease of eAssist’s Service Installation

When you choose to outsource with eAssist, you might be wondering exactly what the next step is after the deal is sealed. You’re ready to go on the journey to faster and more accurate dental billing, but there are a few things that we need to do prior to getting you paid. Our IT team will get in touch with you before setting anything up, but keep in mind these initial requirements of using our service to the fullest extent:

  • Broadband internet: eAssist requires 24 hour internet service in order to keep up to date with your management software and make adjustments as needed. This must be “hardlined”, or plugged in with an Ethernet cable to the PC dedicated to our service.
  • Dental billing management software: (Dentrix, Eaglesoft, Open Dental, etc). As well as this, you’ll need Google’s Chrome browser and general anti-virus software. It is helpful to have up-to-date workstations in order to make your software run smoothly.


  • Setting up and using our proprietary scanner: Due to eAssist’s requirement for personal accountability regarding your billing management, our scanner must be installed and use solely to scan documents related to your patient ledgers.


The workstation that you dedicate for our services should be allowed to operate 24 hours a day in order to ensure accuracy, so keep that in mind when setting up the workable space in your practice. There are many benefits to this ease of installation, the main one being that it won’t waste your time, and your team at eAssist can get down to business: your business. 

eAssist doesn’t require any extra software on top of the one(s) you already use for dental billing management, making it easier than ever to integrate right into what you are already familiar with. Outside of these few initial set up requirements, you won’t have to think about any unnecessary steps that you need to take to accommodate us.

Our operational transparency goal is to show you what we’re doing each day, outlined in detailed reports that you can understand and review, and this includes anything that we need to do to streamline operations. If you have questions about the installation process, let us know and we will accommodate your concerns. Outside of that, enjoy the ease of installation, integration and peace of mind that eAssist provides you upon commencement of service.


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