The Power of Peace of Mind

eAssist Appreciates the Facts

As a licensed dental practitioner, you understand the ever evolving needs that ensure your practice is up-to-date with the latest technology and top notch customer service. It can be daunting to try to find and accommodate an all-star team to ensure that things run smoothly, not to mention profitably. The honest truth is always present: there is no easy route to success, unless you’re willing to invest.

Which leads us to this question: Dental claims cleanup isn’t an easy process. You may have the money, but do you have the time? That sort of inquiry might make you pause and think about the decisions you’ve made. Do you know what will happen if your rockstar secretary decides to go on vacation for a few weeks? We know she’s earned it, but can you make sure that the books are secure, updated, and integrated with the insurance companies while she’s gone?

Hold back? Or Power Forward?

If you’re not outsourcing your financials, you might feel as though you’ve lost a family member for those few weeks. Maybe you have someone on your team that really gets the software, and really understands how your office operates. Suddenly, they’re gone.

Dental billing outsourcing companies like eAssist get it. We understand the trepidation and potential distrust. We work for you and with you, unlike some of our competitors. We ensure that everything we put into practice is for YOUR practice.

Peace of Mind for Yourself and Your Office

Remote dental billing companies make a lot of promises about how they’ll work for you and increase profit, but do they have the results to back it up? You aren’t getting an irrelevant, stuck-in-the-past company with eAssist. We base our communications and response in the United States, so that you’re able to efficiently and quickly get any information you may need.

That sort of peace of mind can’t always be bought. Instead of buying, your office invests with eAssist. Dental claim support reviews don’t always tell the full story. We pride ourselves in ensuring that your practice runs at its most efficient, at all times, under any circumstances (even if your best secretary goes on vacation!). Plus, our month-to-month billing rules mean that if you don’t like us, we’re gone, and we’ll do everything in our power to ensure we can work for you as long as you require.

Peace of mind isn’t bought, it’s invested and earned through hard work and dedication to your practice. To prove this, we provide 24 hour reports that detail exactly what we’ve done for you, as well as any inconsistencies that may arise. In the end, we thrive on helping your business thrive.

Peace and Profit: Going Hand in Hand

We can guarantee that there isn’t any better motivation for profit than making sure your finances are secure and watched over, regardless of the situation. eAssist literally banks on your practice never being alone. If you’re in need of help, we provide it. If you have a certain way you’d like things done, we put it into action. In the end, your profit is your business, and it’s our business to bring that money to you.


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