Timely filing of insurance claims can be appealed!

Timely filing should not stop you from chasing that insurance claim payment!

When timely filing is the reason for claim denial it is always prudent to appeal the claim.  Even if the contract that you have with the insurance company says that no claims will be paid after 3 months, 6 months or a year from the original filing, you can appeal that claim. The occasional “oops we never sent that claim” can be appealed and paid also with the right guidelines.  Each insurance carrier follows their own guidelines on what constitutes filing claims in a timely fashion.

Some insurers require claim submissions within 30 days and others allow up to two years. To increase collection for these claim denials it is important to know the guidelines.  Many a claim has been paid after the insurance company said that the time was up on them considering it.

Receiving payment is great but patients love the fact that you take the extra effort.

How many claims do you write off as uncollectible because the timely filing deadline had come and gone?

eAssist has the answer to this dilemma because we will appeal these claims on every tactic that we know to resolve the problem.


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