Want to fail in 2018? Do it the way you always did it!

Do you really want to resolve to change this year?  Or are you just trying to blow smoke?

First, throw out the “to do list.”  Let’s face it, it is just too long.  Think, is everything on this list important enough to disrupt my life to do?   No?  You are correct.

Get rid of sticky notes that clutter your computer monitor.  Yes, toss them if you haven’t looked at them in 6 months.  If you don’t even understand the notes because they are too vague how in the world are you going to accomplish anything?

What is the most important task you need to do today to affect a positive or profitable outcome? Not five things, I said ONE.  Ask yourself:

  •        How long will it take today?  Be realistic in your estimate of time based on historic evidence.
  •        Will I be interrupted?  Say by a meeting or an appointment.  Subtract that from the equation.
  •        Can I delegate anything to ensure I complete the task today?  Errands, call backs that others can do.  Add the time to your estimate.

Be very specific to what you are doing to complete the task today.  Don’t allow yourself to be derailed until you are complete.  Self-imposed deadlines are highly motivating so SET A DEADLINE.  It is now written in stone that you will complete this task today.

When you are finished, reward yourself with a big X over the task and take a break.  Take a walk, get a beverage and relax your mind.

Now you can choose another task and use the same formula.  If time left in the day doesn’t allow for completion of a major task, then do a smaller more doable task and get it done today.

Choose a major task for tomorrow—just one and put it up on the board (white board) where you can see it.

Repeat the process everyday and in time you will have accomplished an impressive amount of work.


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